People are living in the age of technology, The period of covid-19 has just passed then the use of technology increased. In it, people started doing all their work from home and the students also started taking their education from home. Many changes have taken place in the world due to Covid-19 and technology has evolved to a great extent. In the midst of those changes, people’s lives have changed. If I talk about the students in it, they had a little trouble in the beginning, but it was more beneficial for them in education, then many applications also became. With the development of technology in education, children are offered to learn in addition to interactive activities and courses. One of the advantages of Covid-19 is that it taught us all that education is not limited to the classroom.


I am talking about education technology or e-learning. This is the process of positively integrating technology into education. It integrates computer hardware and software into the education sector to facilitate education and this is an extended definition that extends the range of zoom classes from mobile applications to learning. It is a way for students to learn how to use technology and it promotes a diverse environment. Its main goal is to improve parameters, increase individual education and reduce the burden of teaching on instructors.

Education technology is an important part of society today.

Education technology includes e-learning, learning technology, multimedia learning technology, Computer-Based Instruction, Computer Operated Instruction, Information, Communication, etc…

In Edtech, you can digitalize your children’s learning experience in every way, such as using educational applications or multimedia tools.

To get face-to-face study, it was more necessary to take books first and then stationary. It has been made easy with the help of online education.Knowledge can now be easily obtained with the help of online education or a platform.

Interactive projection screens and whiteboards, in-classroom tablets, and online content delivery, MOOC are all examples of Edtech.

The makers of Edtech focus primarily on the growth of technology as well as software. So with the time limit, to teach according to the syllabus for the teacher, it is very difficult to keep the students of the upper level busy in their work and to catch and teach the students of the lower levels. Edtech is a classification of technology used to promote and access education. Edtech is currently distributed primarily through laptops or tablets or mobiles.

The origins of online education began in late 1900, It originated in 1982 when the Institute of Western Behavioral Sciences opened its School of Management and Strategic Studies in La Jolla, California.

5 Successful Companies For Edtech:


Apart from this many companies have been widely established as a place to learn globally online.

Advantages of Edtech:

  • Sick students will also do tablets, Interactive Online courses and can take notes as well as with the help of tech-infused Robots and record the lecture.
  • This makes it easy for students to engage through various forms of education along with fun learning. This is a kind of digital classroom, in which students can study wherever they are physically at school, on the bus, or at home.
  • With the use of learning apps and video lectures, students may now watch lessons at home at their own pace, utilizing class time for group collaboration on projects.
  • Students can get education or knowledge only by sitting at home.
  • Offline education can be understood only once on a topic but in online education, they can be understood as many times as they like or as far as they want to understand.
  • In addition to that, you don’t have to take books, and everything can be found online. They are free to pursue whatever learning interests them.
  • It enhances students’ performance in academic and professional settings by enhancing their communication skills.
  • It helps learners develop new skills.
  • Because of technology, students are eager to learn and gain new knowledge.
  • Edtech provides students with information in simpler, innovative formulas that students can easily understand.
  • One of the most popular learning strategies today is distance learning.