Social Media! Listening to the name of social media is a different kind of fun, Right? People use social media blindly. At present, the person I see is only seen with his mobile, they are so busy on mobile that they don’t even know what’s going on around them. I think people have become addicted to social media. Why not get addicted! Social media is a thing that once you get your hands on it, you don’t feel like putting. Whenever I sit to watch reels on Instagram, only one thing comes to my mind that is keep watching. Once the mobile is in hand, I don’t feel like putting it down. Whenever there is a notification on the screen above, I open it and watch it directly. Social media has also made many people famous and also infamous and Some people even make good money from it.


As far as I can see, people use social media like Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp, etc. to show what they have and what they don’t. If a person with his partner enjoys a photo of them enjoying their holidays somewhere and posts the photo on social media, some people will see their post, Then those people will compare themselves and feel jealous. Primarily such a post will have a greater impact on bachelors, marriage challengers, and divorced individuals and will create a feeling of inadequacy. People get frustrated when they compare others on social media with others, but they don’t think that people show their best on social media and conflict is in everyone’s life.

Use social media but don’t let it become harmful to you. Overuse will make your life with loneliness, which means you will spend less time with exercise, work, friends, family, and reading, relying more on social media means less physical reactions or will happen in the future. People can also use social media to intimidate and harass others. Cyberbullying can problem of anxiety, depression, and suicide. In addition to the lack of privacy, security and safety risks can also arise.

Currently, people have the ghost of making friends online on social media. There were some scams or matters that could not be stopped from laughing by listening and watching. Many people also make memes about it. For example, the two met on Facebook, fell in love, and went out to meet for the first time, both boys turned out, but if the love turned out to be true, they both got married. hahaha! how funny? Someone said that pairs are made up in heaven but looking at the times these days, it seems to me that pairs are formed in social media!

I do not deny social media but I have stated the fact and you all know it. Sometimes I also get involved in social media but within limits. Don’t use social media so much that you become a laughing stock for people.

Some people here will spend all their time enjoying themselves on Facebook, Instagram, etc…, but it’s just a waste of their time. In it, other people will pretend that their life is good and perfect in order to become famous or gain popularity, but others have suffered because of their posts or videos.

There are many good aspects of social media and if you use it in the right way you can move forward. There is currently a global boom in social media. Take the current example of Tiktok, which is constantly exploding in popularity. In addition to that YouTube, which is for video lovers. In earlier times it was not possible to reunite long-lost relatives or friends, but today, with the help of social media, type their name on any social networking site and you are likely to find childhood friends or lost old friends. It also allows you to share skills and knowledge, you can stay up to date with the latest news and current events, and social media is a popular platform for finding job opportunities.

Social media is also used for marketing, you can also advertise to publish your products. It can increase your brand awareness, keep you in the minds of the people, increase your website traffic, and increase the sales of your products.

Currently the most useful social media marketing platforms:


If you feel anxious or frustrated after using social media too much, that means you should take a break. After a break, you will notice a change in your experiences.

Is social media good or bad? It is up to you how you use it, if you use it correctly and well you will be able to move forward otherwise using more and the wrong space will damage you. How much do you use social media? Let’s answer ourselves.